I am a Freelance WordPress Developer based in London.

I build, design and manage awesome websites.
With over a decade of experience in web design and front end development,
I am comfortable working on projects for small businesses and corporate clients.

Continuing to be Awesome

I love to create ongoing relationships with agencies and clients.
I am reliable, resourceful and have excellent attention to detail.

Built For Humans

I care about great Usability and UX across all devices and browsers, for everyone. Designing and building is only part of the system. There must also be positivity, clear vision and excellent communication to create something that achieves your desired goal.

Web Development

I specialize in Wordpress and Front End Development (Html, CSS, JQuery).
Also HTML5 banners and Html emails when the need arises.

Amy Wagner

UX, Product Management & Agile Specialist / Jesamy

He’s fabulous with amazing attention to detail. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, but I’d honestly prefer to keep him as my own secret weapon! 🙂

About Yan

Yan White, Front End DeveloperI originally went to art college to study fine art and graphic design, and became a web designer around 2000.

I was freelance for myself for a few years and now work as a contractor with Digital agencies in London.

I build websites using handcoded semantic (X)Html, CSS, Html5 and CSS3 (W3C / WAI), improving accessibility, naming conventions and workflow as I go. Each project will dictate a different strategy but in general I will aim to use Html5 and CSS3 wherever I can.

I believe in responsive design and progressive enhancement, and think that a mobile-first design strategy is increasingly relevant.

 I’m quite comfortable working with JQuery at a basic level, which includes implementing and configuring any plugins needed, and I’m using SASS/LESS and Compass for most projects.

I also work with PHP and MySQL and have a team of awesome people that I trust to produce excellent code when I project manage.

I can design as well as build and offer a full website service including backend and marketing integration.

User Experience matters to me, and together we can work to make online content more sophisticated and enjoyable.

I don’t work with companies that promote gambling 🙂