I am currently seeking freelance work based in London. Please get in touch!


I originally went to art college to study art and graphic design, and became a web designer around 2000. I have freelanced and worked as a contractor with Digital agencies in London.

My focus is now Front End Development and mainly Wordpress.

Yan White, Front End Developer

Technical Information

I can build responsive websites using handcoded semantic HTML5, SASS / Compass, CSS3 (W3C / WAI).

I also work with child themes in WordPress.

I have a background in graphic design, and have been around since table-based layouts and IE5. I still do some design work for both digital and print, and have recently been developing for private clients using WordPress, Divi and Genesis, building a custom child theme and integrating with SASS/Compass and GIT.

I have a forensic eye for detail, always considering usability and striving to communicate content smoothly on all devices. I’m comfortable working with JQuery, Javascript and PHP at a basic level, which includes implementing and configuring any plugins needed.

Work Preferences

My preference right now is for freelance (working from home) with reputable London agencies.

I am also sometimes based in Chiang Mai. I used to run my own freelance business so I am comfortable managing my time, managing a team and delivering work on schedule.

Recruiters and companies interested in outsourcing front end work please get in touch!


  • Semantic HTML5, CSS3 (W3C / WAI)
  • Responsive Design
  • SASS & Compass
  • Basic JQuery
  • WordPress / Genesis
  • Agile
  • Design, UI, UX


    • Adobe CS6
    • Sublime Text, TextMate, CodeKit, Firebug, Web Developer Tools
    • VirtualBox, BrowserStack
    • Terminal, GIT, AMPPS
    • Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Toggl

      Integration with:

      • ASP.net
      • Drupal
      • MS Visual Studio
      • Ruby on Rails
      • Umbraco
      • WordPress

      Familiarity with:

      • PHP
      • MySQL
      • XML
      • XSLT

      I’ve worked with the following agencies and companies: